Leslie and Tesi would be honored to join you at your next event.

Their passion for encouraging women to cultivate their mother selves and other selves goes beyond the podcast. They're ready to share their vision at conferences, workshops, and panels, and would love to encourage women from all over the country to unleash their inner Mama Bear. Tesi and Leslie are happy to create new content specifically for your event. Previous topics include:

"Taking care of YOU; Taking care of the World"  |  "Put Down the Kid, Pick up the Pen: Writing through Motherhood"  |  "Nurturing your Other Self: How to Stay Close to Who You are when You’re Elbow Deep in Shaping who Your Kids Become"

Tesi and Leslie are a dynamic duo. Their inspiring words rally a crowd to action, moving people to open their wallets and give over $20,000 in a single evening to bring clean water into villages in need. They speak from their hearts with passion and gusto. If you are looking for intelligent, wise, and experienced women to speak at your event or panel, Tesi and Leslie are a great choice.
— Becky Straw, Founder & CEO of The Adventure Project


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