Like the podcast? You'll love the Book!


Bolstered and trained in love and female friendship, the vulnerable, sleep-deprived, tender, and ferocious Mama Bear inside each of us can bring forth beautiful havoc on our world.

Mama Bear’s Manifesto is a practical, compelling book about devoted friendship and unbridled passion. Co-host Leslie tells the story of she and Tesi's early journey through motherhood and employs the stress and beauty of motherhood to help you discover life’s marvelous momentum and the ways in which mothers can carve out community, revel in friendship, and outwardly love the world.

As Leslie navigates the terrain of motherhood while seeking to harness the vigor and raw energy that naturally accompanies the journey, you will learn to embrace the powerful Mama Bear lurking inside, seize her power, and use it for good. You will be encouraged to care for other mamas and your community through tangible examples and organizational hints, and feel inspired by stories of impassioned Mama Bears making the world a more beautiful and just place.


"To experts in the fields of justice, development and peacemaking, it’s become clear that engaging and empowering women is one key to the transformation of families, communities and countries.  Recognizing that truth, Leslie Klipsch challenged herself to join the global sisterhood by raising awareness and funds for ‘sisters’ in need.  Now she challenges others–especially young mothers–to use their compassion and power to make the world a more just and loving place." — Lynne Hybels, Advocate for Global Engagement, Willow Creek Community Church, Author of Nice Girls Don’t Change the World: