Leslie Klipsch is a passionate writer, thinker, and lover of coffee and the world. For someone who grew up as an only child, she won the lottery when she married into a family that held three amazing sisters. These women are a microcosm of what Leslie believes makes up half of the population—passionate, purposeful, smart, strong women doing incredible things in their lives. Leslie loves that Tesi thinks she's funny and is quick to laugh at her quirkiness. Mostly though, she loves navigating life with Tesi and a host of other beautiful souls. She is married to Jake, a tall vegan with funky dance moves, and mom to Oliver, Elihu, and Sintayehu. Leslie manages communication for a nonprofit working in East Africa named Empower Tanzania, co-owns a coworking space in downtown Davenport, Iowa, and freelances as a writer and editor. (You can check out her work at www.leslieklipsch.com). She is thrilled that her first book, Mama Bear's Manifesto, will be published by Leafwood Press this fall.

Tesi Klipsch family

Tesi Klipsch is a fitness professional passionate about healthy living and healthy eating. She likes long talks over cups of coffee that turn into long talks over glasses of wine. Tesi much prefers deep conversations on the bigger issues women and the world face than small talk at baseball games but seems to get more of the latter currently. Tesi knew she was going to love Leslie 13 years ago when they decided to make fettucine alfredo for their brother husbands and a few friends in Jake and Leslie's small Chicago apartment. In the process of cooking the feast, two spatulas were burned and a bottle of wine was consumed. Many more spatulas and bottles of wine later, Tesi counts Leslie as one of her very best friends and is thrilled to spend so much time each week picking the brain of one of the most inspiring women she knows. Tesi also happens to love her husband, Zach, and 5 children: Trysten, Tomas, Tariku, Dailah and Binyam. Tesi is the Director of Marketing for Dawson Chiropractic and enjoys teaching classes at Phoenix Fitness. Tesi also blogs at www.tesiklipsch.com.