Listen in as we explore the intersection of the Mother Self and the Other Self.

We love and are encouraged by female podcasters giving helpful advice on motherhood. Mama Bear Dares aims to add to the conversation by turning the spotlight onto moms who have inspired us by doing big and bold things—in addition to being great mothers.

We feature regular moms that you've sat next to at PTA meetings or helped get down the bag of granola while she tended to her screaming toddler in the middle of Target. These moms have started their own international non-profits from their lego-laced living rooms, they've come out of the other side of losing a loved one, and they've carved out time to produce breathtaking art. We dare to dive deeply into what makes these women more than "mom" and boldly ask the questions we've all been thinking.

The Mama Bear Dares Podcast began because Leslie and Tesi find themselves talking often, sometimes about their children, but largely about what it's like to move through life as women, sisters, friends, and mothers. We know there's a tribe of women who feel the same way and we would like you to meet them.

Come with us as we share the stories of women who love being called "mom" but have shifted the paradigm that aims to stop there. Artists, entrepreneurs, creative visionaries, social change agents, activists—all women who have tapped their mama bears and dared to live full, joyful, multi-faceted lives.

Mama Bear, we dare you to witness the ripples they've started and begin to create some of your own.


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